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Wild bird food and accessories

Feeding wild birds is a pleasure many of us enjoy. To attract birds to your balcony, patio or garden you need to offer the right type of food. Providing birds with a helping hand will bring them closer and reveal their fascinating behaviour and connect you to nature. Contact Waggles to find out more. We currently have two shops in West Wickham and Bromley.

All creatures great and small

Feeding wildlife in your garden is a common practice enjoyed by many of us. Many people see it as a chance to help local wildlife during tough periods when food may be hard to come by. 

Foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, squirrels and many other common garden animals will gladly accept our handouts. So if this is an activity you enjoy, we have a selection of products available you can offer that will replicate their natural diet.
Our wide range of wildlife feed includes:

Our wide range of wildlife feed includes:

  • Foxes biscuits
  • Hedgehog food
  • Layers pellets
  • Mixed corn
  • Chick food and health 
  • Bedding 
  • Duck and swan seed mix
  • Mealworms

Caged birds

Many people consider a pet bird will suit their lifestyle, rather than a dog or cat. Bird owners face a completely different set of issues. They can be noisy, messy and require constant socialisation as they are essentially wild and need to be handled daily to remain tame. But benefits include companionship, social interaction and reducing stress levels. If kept healthy and happy, these intelligent creatures will reward their owners in many wonderful ways. We have a wide range of foods, treats and toys along with cages (available to order), health and cleaning products available for:
  • Canaries
  • British finches
  • Foreign finches
  • Budgies
  • Parrots
  • Cockatiels
Caged birds

Customer reviews:

'5* We love this Pet Shop. We highly recommend it. Very professional.'

Katerina de Lantivy

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