Welcome to Waggles Pet Emporium - Pet Shops in Bromley & West Wickham

At Waggles Pet Emporium we constantly strive to be the very best pet shop you could possibly visit. Waggles stores may be a lot smaller in square footage than some of our larger competitors but nevertheless we take great pride in offering a service to each and every single one of our customers that is second to none.

We started out as a small family business in 2001.  As newcomers to the pet industry we wanted to instill our own personal ethos of ecological values to the business and have continued along those lines ever since.

We take pride in only promoting what’s best for your pets and over the past few years have removed lots of unhealthy products from our shelves. Our view is - if we wouldn’t feed a product to our own much-loved wide range of family pets, we could never sell it in our shops.

We’ve visited animal feed production facilities in both the UK and Europe and seen first-hand how these products are manufactured. If we’re not happy with what we see – we don’t stock it.

Every single member of our Waggles team undertakes pet nutritional training, which is constantly updated so that we can offer the best possible advice when needed.

We put a lot of effort into producing a monthly Newsletter with some interesting articles about a variety of animal related subjects and if you haven’t already signed up to receive a copy, just email newsletter@wagglespets.co.uk and ask to be added to our distribution list. We also include details of any special offers that are available, so you wouldn’t want to miss out on that, would you?

Our little spotty dog Smart Car is still running around! If you live in and around where our pet shops are located, and you see it whizzing along, give us a wave and a smile. There’s a never-ending supply of money off vouchers in the glove box and we just love handing them out.

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Since winning the London Borough of Bromley Independent Retailer of the Year Award in 2016 we have worked hard to improve our ecological footprint by using only LED lighting in our stores, having zero waste going to landfill, recycling all our paper and cardboard and reusing much of our packaging for sending out parcels to customers worldwide from our EBay shop and website sales.

We have a good working relationship with several local animal charities and regularly transfer money to them that has been donated to us for carrier bags. Every single penny that we are given for bags goes to these charities. As a business, we are happy to cover the cost of the bags ourselves. Unlike most of the big stores who only pass on what’s left after they’ve taken out the cost of the bags. We’ve been doing this long before the legislation was introduced just because we thought it was the right thing to do.

Among the Charities we support are:
Last Chance Animal Rescue (based in Edenbridge)
Foal Farm (located in Biggin Hill)
Second Chance Animal Rescue (award winning charity based in Swanley)
GBH Rescue (small animal charity based in Elmers End)