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Rosewood - Meadow Hay Cookies

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Meadow Hay Cookies, from Rosewood, are a compact form of soft cut meadow hay loosly pressed into a 'cookie'. They offer major feeding benefits and may also help to increase hay intake - how perfect!
Meadow Hay Cookies contain nutritious grasses which have been naturally dried and cured to produce a soft, sweet-smelling and dust-free hay which is rich in essential fibre to help promote good digestive and dental health.
Each cookie is approximately 130g of hay 
Feeding Meadow Hay Cookies is a great way of monitoring intake - an average dwarf rabbit, for example, should be consuming at least 100g of hay a day - if not more. By feeding hay cookies this daily intake can be monitored very closely - not so easy when feeding handfuls of loose hay which then gets trampled and soiled!
The compact nature of Meadow Hay Cookies makes them perfect for use in the house - less storage space and less mess! 
The key advantages of Meadow Hay Cookies include:
  • Quicker and easier to portion
  • Cleaner and less mess
  • Less dust and allergens
  • Safer - no long or sharp stalky bits
  • Leaf and stem is blended together - prevents selective hay feeding
  • Stops messy and wasteful scattering - ideal for houserabbits
  • Cannot be used as a bed or a loo - so more economical
  • Easy to monitor hay intake - helps to make sure your little ones are getting enough hay!
  • Unlike traditional hay 'cubes' - cookies can be easily loosened to facilitate munching.
  • Low in calcium
Feeding Guide: To help introduce these cookies to your little ones, break open a cookie.
Meadow Hay Cookies can be fed freely.

Perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus and all animals who love to eat hay!

Can be fed alongside other hays to ensure variety of taste, texture and fibre.
Typical Analysis: Fibre 28%, protein 10%, calcium 0.47%, moisture 12%
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