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Johnson's 1 dose easy DOG worming tabs size 4 Multi Pk

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Johnson's One Dose Easy Wormer Tablets for Large Dogs from 6kg to 80kg. Multi Pack for homes with more than one dog. Johnson's One Dose Easy Wormer is a broad spectrum wormer for use in dogs. It is highly effective in a single dose against common canine roundworms and tapeworms in the UK. Worms are a common problem with dogs and puppies and can cause loss of weight, increased appetite, bloated stomach, diarrhoea and a dull coat. One of the commonest roundworms - Toxocara Canis can be easily transmitted to children where it can potentially cause blindness. It is important to worm young puppies regularly for roundworms at 2 weekly intervals from the age of 2 weeks. A specific roundwormer is recommended at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age. From 8 weeks of age, Johnson's One Dose Easy Wormer can be used at 4 weekly intervals up to the age of 6 months. Thereafter, it is advisable to treat adult dogs for both roundworms and tapeworms 4 times yearly. This pack contains 8 tablets. Long Expiry date - March 2013.

Dosage: 6.1 - 10kg (13.2 - 22lb) 1 tablet, 10.1 - 20kg (22.1 - 44lb) 2 tablets, 20.1 - 30kg (44.1 - 66lb) 3 tablets, 30.1 - 40kg (66.1 - 88lb) 4 tablets. For very large dogs weighing more than 40 kg (88lb) give 1 additional tablet for every 10kg (22lb) bodyweight. For small dogs and puppies weighing less than 6.1kg (13.2lb) use Johnson's One Dose Easy Wormer (size 1).

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Product Reviews
4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars Tuesday 10 December, 2013 By John Pickles
I have tried this wormer and I think it tasted really nice, I would definitely recommend you try it as it definitely got the job done! no more worms for me!